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Here's How It All Started

It took a bit more than throwing a few ingredients together to come up with the recipe for my original snack, the GiddyUp. At the time of its creation, I had been busy raising my  two young children. For me that also meant providing them with nutritious homemade meals and snacks that they’d be sure to like. The GiddyUp became one of those snacks; it was an instant hit. In fact nearly everyone loved it! Friends and family began telling me it was so good that I could sell it. I liked the idea but couldn’t foresee being in a position to start a business with all that I had on my plate. Being a single parent and main provider, there seemed no way to afford the venture.

Around that time I had just finished my studies in natural nutrition and was busy with nutritional consulting, cooking instruction, and writing a book on healthy weight loss. I also worked part time in a hospital laboratory to ensure a steady income. The years went on, the kids grew, finished high school, then post secondary school, while I finished a few of my own projects. Along the way I kept making the GiddyUp, tweaking ingredients and measurements, at last creating the particular ball of  yummy goodness that exists today.

The day finally came when I felt it was the right time to get rolling and marketing the little balls, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it alone. After discussing my plans with my niece Emily at a family get together, her eyes lit up with excitement. Emily is University business student and was just about to start searching for employment for her co-op work experience year. Without hesitation she expressed keen interest in helping me get my business started. She was granted approval, and the rest is history. We got busy putting our heads together to make Elle’s kitchen a reality. We crunched numbers, forecasted, wrote a business plan, designed attractive promotional materials, jumped through bureaucratic hoops, created new flavours, and then finally rolled thousands of balls so that everyone around for miles could taste the deliciousness and nutritional bounty that each GiddyUp provides.

Here's Me!

(And a bio taken from the back of my book)

Elle Eriksson is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a Professional Cooking Instructor, a Certified Reflexologist and a published author.

With her personal experience, her professional training and her education, Elle offers her clients a well-rounded approach to natural health. Mindful awareness and concern for the planet and animal welfare are also incorporated into her down-to-earth approach to food, health, and weight.

You can find Elle’s book ‘Top Ten Best-Ever Healthy Weight-Loss Tips’ at local bookstores throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Also available through Amazon and other online booksellers.