Here's How It All Started

Many years ago, while I was busy raising two young children, I was looking for a way to
provide them with homemade nutritious, yet delicious, snacks. It took a bit of trial and error
of throwing ingredients together but eventually I came up with the perfect recipe for my
original snack, Giddy Up’s. Giddy Up’s were an instant hit with the whole family! In fact,
nearly everyone who tries them loves them! Friends and family began telling me they were
so good that I should sell them. I liked the idea but as a single parent and family provider,
it just wasn’t possible at the time. Instead, I finished my studies in natural nutrition, started
nutritional consulting, providing cooking instruction, and wrote a book on healthy weight
loss all while working part time in a hospital laboratory. Phew, those years were busy! 

As time went on and the kids grew up, I continued tweaking my Giddy Up recipes. Finally, the day came when I felt it was time to get rolling on the plan to market my GiddyUp balls. After discussing my plans at a family get together, my niece Emily jumped at the chance to join me in the start-up of Elle’s Kitchen as part of her co-op studies. Together with her business know-how and youthful energy we launched ourselves into making Elle’s Kitchen a reality. After planning, number-crunching, forecasting, designing, creating and jumping through hoops we rolled out our first batch of GiddyUps in November 2018

As the business grew, and Emily returned to school, I realized it would take more than just me to take Elle’s Kitchen into bigger and better ventures. So, in late 2019, Caroline joined me as a business partner for growing Elle’s Kitchen. Since then, we’ve developed two new product lines - the popular Date Dip Dips and Apricot Dip Dips as well as our Nuts for You. And, we added the Granville Island Market as one of our venues!


We can’t wait for you to enjoy our snacks too. 


Here's Me!

(And a bio taken from the back of my book)

Elle Eriksson is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a Professional Cooking Instructor, and a published author.

With her personal experience, her professional training and her education, Elle offers her clients a well-rounded approach to natural health. Mindful awareness and concern for the planet and animal welfare are also incorporated into her down-to-earth approach to food, health, and weight.

You can find Elle’s book ‘Top Ten Best-Ever Healthy Weight-Loss Tips’ at local bookstores throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Also available through Amazon and other online booksellers.

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